CAB manufactures and supplies high-quality hose transport systems for extremely abrasive media (e.g. hard rock, silica sand, ore, slag, …) and for any other abrasive applications (e.g. fines, waste water, slurries, …)

The same as bends, hose pieces, compensators and reducers equipped with Linatex rubber, TUBEflex is used wherever slurry containing solids is hydraulically transported:

Sand pits and gravel pits and for transporting quartz, hard rock, corundum, slag, sludge, wastewater, ore and other mining products.

The specific characteristics of good natural rubber contributes to the many positive effects of TUBEflex hoses: long life, low maintenance downtime, vibration damping and protection for pumps/bearing blocks/screw connections, the maximum reduction of noise levels and easy installation in difficult spots.

CAB TUBEflex hoses and tubing components: unique and unequaled