Slurry hose from CAB are used for the transport of highly erosive media such as hard rock, silica sand, crushed sand, ore, slag from ash and others. The natural rubber lining extends the wear life substantially especially on applications with abrasive slurries (suspensions with fine sand and also waste water).

• extremely high abrasion resistance due to soft natural rubber lining

• long life, less maintenance, low downtimes

• protects pumps, bearings, screw joints due to vibration dampening property

• enormous noise reduction in the piping system

• minimizes effect of contractions and expansions of steel pipes caused by thermal load

• easy installation and fastening even in areas with difficult access

Pipelines with slurries containing solids e.g. in sand and gravel pits, pressure and discharge lines for mineral applications, such as:

– Quartz, hard rock, corundum, slag, sludge, wastewater

– Hydraulic transport of abrasive rocks and sand

More products from our range of transport and special hoses:

LinaFlex reducers as a flexible connection between different diameters for abrasive media transport. They can be furthermore used as pump connections, available in sizes DN 50 – DN 300 for suction and discharge applications. Special sizes on request.

LinaFlex hose and steel bends

Pipe bends like rubberized steel bends or flexible hose bends for cramped installation conditions. Inserts for abrasive media transport; high durability and easy maintenance. Available sizes DN 50 – DN 400.