LINATEX® Premium rubber is produced according to a patented process and provides excellent protection for your equipment. With a history dating back to 1923, our LINATEX® Premium rubber has earned a worldwide reputation for unsurpassed quality and is the rubber preferred for long-lasting protection.

Thanks to this know-how and experience, Linatex® has expanded its product range to include hoses, screening media, panels and fittings. Each product of Linatex® has been developed to provide you with superior durability in a multitude of applications.

CAB primarily uses Linatex original rubber to protect its products against abrasion and corrosion. This 95% natural product gets its unsurpassed properties through a unique manufacturing technology of liquid rubber that has allowed it to maintain its leading position in the abrasion protection sector for decades.

For lining pumps, cyclones, screening machines, reducers, pipes and bends, hoses and valves, the difference is always the same: Linatex is clearly superior to other products.

But even in dry applications, the durability, strength, tear resistance, and good friction with a variety of surface materials has made Linatex rubber good enough to take a leading position in important markets. Whether as protection against abrasion for sand blasting, as surface protection for plastic tooth chains/flat belts/conveyors, as protection against kickback on firing ranges, for special products in mining and other applications with intensive wear: Linatex rubber is a world-class, top-rated anti-abrasion product.

The natural molecular structure of Linatex rubber products contribute to their excellent position in contact with wet abrasive media. The quality of Linatex rubber has proven itself time and again with its considerably longer durability, lower cost of spare parts and excellent price/performance ratio, especially in applications with sand and gravel with a fine grit (0-6 mm).

In addition to Linatex rubber, we also offer other surface protection products that meet the specific requirements of wear and which have earned us a leading position on the market (e.g. floor stalls in horse clinics).


95% natural rubber Premium, red, with a Shore hardness of approximately 38° A, made of liquid latex and thus offering the best wear resistance, high resistance to cuts, tears and abrasion, extreme ductility and very good values ​​of friction and noise insulation.

An unattainable scale in many applications for nearly 100 years.

Areas of application:

The best possible protection against wear in contact with abrasive fine-grained slurries in sand pits and gravel pits, in quarries, with silica and many other mining products (for pumps, cyclones, screening machines, pipes, bends, hoses, etc.)

Worldwide famous coating material for plastic gears/flat belts and conveyors with extremely good support capability due to high friction over a relatively long life

Excellent protection against fragments on firing ranges thanks to its self-closing properties and extremely high shear strength (also available in white)

Its very good protection against wear makes it ideal for many fine dry bulk materials, namely thanks to the energy absorbing effect of its special molecular structure (in conjunction with its unsurpassed ductility even during sanding) and other properties.

Verschleisstechnik, linatex gummi, CAB

Linaplus FGL (Linagard FG)

Product of white natural rubber, about 38° Shore A, good for direct contact with food. The components of the product are certified by the FDA.

Linard 60

Red natural rubber with a Shore hardness of about 60° A, which is characterized by its excellent elasticity. There is virtually no comparable product on the market.

Areas of application include wear protection for abrasive dry media and larger particles and as surface protection for timing belts and conveyors of plastic.

Verschleisstechnik Linatex Gummi CAB

Linaplus OZL (Linagard OZ)

Natural rubber product, black, resistant to ozone and UV radiation, about 38° Shore A, especially as wear protection in outdoor usage. No need for an additional protective finish.

Linatrile (Linagard NBR)

Orange nitrile rubber resistant to oil with a Shore hardness of about 55° A, suable even with many chemicals.

The good resistance of this type of rubber against wear and its usability at high temperatures (up to about 100°C) makes it suitable for various applications (the lining of tanks, special seals, etc.).

Linatrile Gummi cab linatex

Non-vulcanized Linatex products (Linacure40 / LinacrepeHM Premium)

When requested, semi-finished LINATEX can be offered in non-vulcanized form or delivered as a finished product (for rubber fittings in presses and autoclaves or special applications).

Special rubber products

Depending on the application and requirements for the product, we also provide alternative products made of natural rubber in different colors at the request of the customer (e.g. beige with a contact layer and yellow).