CABrex  Compact-plants

Processing, sludge removal, dewatering and particle size correction of sand and gravel 0 – 16 mm.

These plants are designed for volumes of solids ranging from 20 t/h to 300 t/h. Installation is semi-mobile or stationary. Depending on the degree of contamination of the material (proportion of sludge < 0.063 mm)

CABrex Compact Plants are designed as single-/double/multi-stage options

  • Dynamic dewatering of discharged material (0/1 mm; 0/2 mm; 0/4 mm; 0/8 mm; 0/16 mm; …)
  • Enormous water savings (e.g. 100 t/hr 0-4 mm: savings of up to 12,000 – 15,000 t/h)
  • Shorter stay times at the facility, the material becomes available faster
  • Better washing effect thanks to the centrifugal effect of the system
  • Intensive desludging (reducing floatable proportions from 30% to <1% in high-quality grains)
  • Sharp separation shear at 0.063 mm (smaller available if desired – down to 0.020 mm)
  • Fine sand correction (1-stage, 2-stage)
  • Correction of “sand bellies” with a 2-stage system
  • Effective separation of mica, friable grains and light materials
  • Less space requirement and considerably lower weight load
  • Low investment amount (= lower financing costs)
  • Cheaper transport
  • Simple winter operation